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| September 28, 2011

Meet our incredible staff of dedicated professionals, working with volunteers across the state to ensure equal rights for all!



BRO 06 04 14 -57 Jeana Frazzini, Executive Director:
Jeana Frazzini is honored to serve as Executive Director of Basic Rights Oregon, working to ensure that all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Oregonians experience equality by building a broad and inclusive politically powerful movement, shifting public opinion, and achieving policy victories.Jeana has led Basic Rights Oregon since 2008. During her tenure, Basic Rights Oregon has won the freedom to marry for all couples in Oregon, increased access to transgender-inclusive healthcare through private and public insurance, passed the Oregon Safe Schools Act, and successfully defended and implemented non-discrimination and domestic partnership laws. In addition to achieving policy victories, Basic Rights Oregon has successfully built longstanding relationships with coalition partners, leading to a more inclusive statewide LGBT movement. Under Jeana’s leadership, the organization has developed a strong racial justice component, prioritized ally work, and trained activists across the state to fight for social justice for all Oregonians impacted by discrimination.Jeana’s work at Basic Rights Oregon continues a lifelong passion for fighting injustice. Growing up in rural Eastern Washington, Jeana experienced first-hand the confusion, fear and isolation that many LGBT people face. Since college, Jeana has worked as an advocate for progressive causes spanning human rights to environmental justice. After six years as political director for the Death with Dignity National Center, Jeana first joined the Basic Rights Oregon staff in 2005 as Development Director.In 2013, Jeana was appointed to the Oregon Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. She previously served  as a member of the Oregon Council on Civil Rights, the Advisory Board for the City of Portland’s Human Rights Commission, and the Committee on Discrimination based on Gender Variance & Source of Income for the Multnomah County Civil Rights Task Force. In 2014, Jeana was named one of the Equity Foundation’s “Women Who Lead,” awarded to women who “through their extraordinary vision and courageous work, are improving the lives of all people in our community.”Jeana is honored to have a lifetime career working as an advocate for her community, and looks forward to the all the work that lies ahead—achieving not only legal equality for all LGBT Oregonians, but also lived equality where we all experience freedom and equality in our everyday lives. (Pronouns: She/Her)
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 Aubrey Harrison, Deputy Director:
Aubrey joined the staff of Basic Rights Oregon in 2007, when she was hired as Portland Metro Field Organizer in Basic Rights’ campaign for domestic partnerships and nondiscrimination. Since then, she has managed field for Basic Rights’ safe schools campaign, coordinated Basic Rights’ work in small towns across the state, launched the Trans Justice program, served as Program Director overseeing the Trans Justice and Racial Justice programs, coordinated internal anti-oppression organizational development throughout Basic Rights, and become a general jack-of-all-trades.  She currently acts as Deputy Director, ensuring the ongoing strength, visibility and progress of Basic Rights’ ongoing trans and racial justice work. Born and raised in Oregon, Aubrey is delighted to be part of an organization that has been such a strong force in LGBT communities and progressive politics in her home state. (Pronouns: She/Her)
BRO 06 04 14 -61 Cameron Mathews, Finance & Operations Manager:
Cameron brings over five years of financial and operations management experience in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors to his role as the Operations Manager at Basic Rights Oregon.  Originally joining staff in the Summer of 2012 as the Trans Justice Fellow, he returned in August of 2013 to manage the behind the scenes financial, human resources, and operations processes.  With his Bachelors in Public Policy and Administration, soon to be Masters of Public Administration in Nonprofit Management, and his potentially unhealthy obsession with information systems,  Cameron is well equipped to ensure that all internal processes are as efficient, effective, and strategic as possible.  When not drooling over the endless possibilities of Excel spreadsheets and databases, Cameron enjoys spending time with his tiny evil dog, critically analyzing variations of the zombie apocalypse, and forming outfits around the dapper sock-suspenders his mother bought him. (Pronouns: He/Him)
BRO 06 04 14 -23
Emily McLain, Government Relations & Outreach Director:
Emily is a 5th generation Oregonian from Forest Grove and a graduate of the University of Oregon. She started working with Basic Rights Oregon in May 2013 after serving as the Executive Director of the Oregon Student Association where BRO was a coalition partner of OSA’s.  Under Emily’s leadership the Oregon Student Association set a state record by registering 50,000 students to vote. She also helped lead the coalition to pass Tuition Equity in the state legislature and passed multiple caps on tuition to keep college more affordable and accessible for all Oregonians. Emily brings with her over 7 years of experience in electoral and legislative organizing, advocacy, as well as a history of deep involvement in Oregon’s progressive coalition work. Working at OSA allowed Emily to meet Basic Rights Oregon and work with Basic Rights Oregon to pass anti-bullying and anti-discrimination laws in the legislature.  That is when Emily realized the other really cool kids organizing in town, aside from OSA, were the awesome Basic Rights’ staffers.  As such, she is honored to be on the team at Basic Rights Oregon working to ensure that all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Oregonians experience equality. Emily is deeply passionate about continually working to be an ally to the LGBT community and communities of color.  In her spare time Emily prioritizes friends, family, fútbol, frisbee, and alliteration. (Pronouns: She/Her)
Court Court Morse, Organizing Director:
Court started her career in activism at PSU as student body president, working to advocate for access to hire education with the Oregon Student Association. She first started at Basic Rights as an intern to empower and train youth to affect change. Court also had a hand in working to pass the safe schools act as well as play a role in a tele-fundraising program. She has gone on to work on four candidate and ballot measure campaigns to elect LGBT folks & allies to office, protect the environment, and work on the freedom to marry. Court is from Wisconsin where she has eaten an extraordinary amount of cheese, and also ran the nation’s oldest student association. Court brings a multi-view lens as a gender-non-conforming queer Anishinaabe Ojibwe Two-Spirit woman and will continue to dedicate the rest of her life to advancing social justice and peace. (Pronouns: She/They)
BRO 06 04 14 -112 Amy Herzfeld, Movement Building Director:
Raised in Idaho, Amy has deep roots in social justice activism. She started volunteering for LGBT rights campaigns at the age of 14 and never looked back. Amy has been active in progressive movement building in the West for over 12 years and her roles have included Executive Director of the Idaho Human Rights Education Center and Oregon State Director for Working America. Amy has also served as Board Chair for Western States Center since 2007. She’s deeply passionate about building political power for LGBT communities and centering racial and gender justice in our work. Her professional experience ranges from human rights advocacy and labor organizing to electoral management and award-winning journalism. Amy’s honored to be a part of Basic Rights Oregon’s mission and team. (Pronouns: She/Her)
BRO 06 04 14 -76 Juan Martinez, Development Director:
Juan’s connection with Basic Rights Oregon goes back to 2004, when he began volunteering for the organization by serving on the annual dinner planning committee. Juan brings deep relationships in Portland’s LGBT and allied community, a passion for social change and a head for business to his work at Basic Rights Oregon. In 2005, Juan and his partner Byron Beck served as lead plaintiffs in Martinez v. Oregon, Basic Rights Oregon’s legal challenge to Constitutional Amendment 36. (Pronouns: He/Him)
BRO 06 04 14 -119 Cathy Abbruzzese, Donor Outreach Coordinator:
Cathy has worked directly with our supporters and volunteers since 1996. She raises over $100,000 annually in grassroots contributions, and provides a vital link between BRO supporters and the organization’s daily work. She served as a field organizer to defeat the anti-gay Measure 13 in 1994 and Measure 9 in 1992. Originally from New York City, Cathy brings over 35 years of grassroots organizing and outreach experience to Basic Rights Oregon. As staff elder and card-carrying member of AARP, she enjoys being treated with “the right respect” and prefers the title “Goddess.” (Pronouns: She/Her)
BRO 06 04 14 -103-Edit Joe LeBlanc, Interim Communications Manager:
Joe first joined Basic Rights Oregon as a volunteer with the Trans Justice Working Group in early 2011. Later that year, he joined the Basic Rights Oregon staff as a Trans Justice Fellow. Joe is originally from New Orleans and identifies as a Cajun Genderqueer Butch who believes in personal story-telling as a significant method for people to share experiences and solidify a better understanding about LGBTQ identities, issues and concerns. In addition to working as the Interim Communications Manager at Basic Rights Oregon, he also serves as the Founder and Board Member for BUTCH Voices. Joe is a recipient of the 2011 Pride in Action Award by Pride NW. He enjoys unicorns, gluten free treats, dapper fashion and endless conversations about gender and racial justice, all while basking in the ambiance of a nearby coffee shop. (Pronouns: He/Him)
BRO 06 04 14 -124 Justin Pabalate, Development Officer:
Justin moved to Portland in early 2012 after spending most of his life in Eureka, California. Justin gained much of his experience as Co-Founder/Co-Chair of Humboldt Pride for over six years, CAPI Vice-President for two, volunteering for a host of other nonprofits and working in the credit union industry for over 10 years.  Hungry for a change of pace and armed with a passion for queer rights, he joined the marriage team to help win the freedom to marry in Washington.  He believes that because he benefits from various forms of privilege it is his responsibility to be visible and work towards an Oregon that is more equitable for everyone.  Justin’s lives in North Portland with his dog-like Siamese cat and loving partner Nick. (Pronouns: He/Him)
Kate Fagerholm, Events Coordinator:
Raised in the rural Midwest, Kate moved to Portland as an AmeriCorps*VISTA member in 2008. Kate has a strong connection to social justice and has sought out unique roles that carry humanitarian values into day-to-day living. Beginning on staff in February of 2015 she brings experience in event planning, outreach, and program coordination to her role with Basic Rights Oregon. She believes by acknowledging people as multi-dimensional bringing distinct insight to all interactions, we are able to foster and create profound change. She is thrilled to be working with such an exceptional team at Basic Rights Oregon. When she is not happily in the midst of details and logistics, she is singing karaoke, throwing a football or shouting on a tennis court. (Pronouns: She/Her).
BRO 06 04 14 -47
Nico Quintana, Policy Director:
Nico Quintana is an Oregon raised trans, queer, Chicano, organizer, activist, trainer and policy advocate. For the past 8 years, Nico has been working in Washington, DC and has worked with the DC Trans Coalition, TransLAW, Congressional Hunger Center, Center for American Progress and on Capitol Hill with the Congressional Progress Caucus and Rep. Barbara Lee and Lynn Woolsey. As an organizer, Nico worked with the DC Trans Coalition on issues of trans health care, economic justice, police violence, and poverty. Nico was one of the leads of DCTCs health and economic justice campaign and organized the 2013 rally for trans health equity in DC. With TransLAW, Nico helped lead community engagement and leadership work and started the first client leadership council to ensure trans folks receiving trans legal services had power in decision making about services. As fellowship advisor for the National Hunger Fellowship Program, Nico mentored and trained youth activists committed to racial equity and anti-poverty policy work. Prior to his work with the Hunger Center, Nico was an author for the Center for American Progress Report, “On The Street: The Federal Response to Gay and Transgender Homeless Youth”. Nico is a formerly homeless queer youth with personal experience with poverty and systemic violence and is deeply committed to racial and economic equity, movement building, solidarity, leadership development and mentorship. Nico loves strawberry shakes, queer dance parties, enchiladas, showtunes, bikes, kittens, flowers, and most all vegetables. (Pronouns: He/Him)
BRO 06 04 14 -24 Kathy Formella, Political and Outreach Organizer:
Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Kathy adventured to the Northwest for college and fell in love with the beauty and the culture. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Willamette University. After graduating, Kathy became an intern with Basic Rights Oregon, and was later hired to work on winning the freedom to marry in Washington. She enjoys spending what little downtime she gets stargazing, hiking, bungee jumping, and the occasional (or more than occasional) karaoke session. (Pronouns: She/Her)
Goodwin_Diane_Head_Shot Diane Goodwin, Communications Director:
The daughter of an Irish immigrant, Diane Goodwin has dedicated her adult life to fighting for fairness and equality.  She brings more than 25 years of communications and organizing experience to Basic Rights Oregon. Diane grew up in the Chicago region, and graduated from Illinois State University. She played her first active role in politics by registering voters in the early 1990s. She has since volunteered for more than a dozen campaigns in Chicago, Los Angeles and Portland. After serving as a volunteer Neighborhood Team Leader for President Obama’s re-election team, Diane was hired as the Oregon Field Director to lead the statewide organizing effort. Her professional career includes stints at Lewis University, Howard Brown Health Center, the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Hill and Knowlton, Inc., and TriMet.  Diane served in three roles in her 11 plus years at TriMet , the Portland region transit agency, most recently creating a grassroots advocacy program to support transit. She joined the Basic Rights Oregon team in December 2014 to lead the Communications team. (Pronouns: she/her)
Yenni-web Jennifer ‘Yenni’ Cazares, Communications Fellow:
Jennifer Cazares- better known as ‘Yenni’ identifies as a vessel for social change. As a non-binary Queer Latin@,  Yenni began the journey in activism at the ripe age of 15 when after taking over the high school Key Club was able to enlist over 70 active volunteers in community events. Despite leaving high school on the suspicion of a queer identity and experiencing fear of coming out due to a Latin@ upbringing, Yenni made it to Humboldt State University where avenues for activism flourished. Yenni was asked to join the Board of Humboldt Pride as a teenager and was able to finally come out to friends and family after 2 years of involvement. Yenni became involved with Basic Rights Oregon during the Marriage campaign in Eugene, OR when after a frightening confrontation sought community in activist alike. Having dedicated the last decade to positive youth development in various arenas of the youth empowerment movement with organizations such as Altamed, Six Rivers Planned Parenthood, ChickTech, Northwest Youth Corps, and currently with LULAC Vancouver; Yenni hopes to bring a new lens to Basic Rights Oregon and the Communication Team as a Fellow. Lover of the outdoors and all things living. ‘Dropping knowledge and love everywhere I go.’ (Pronouns: Yenni)
BRO 06 04 14 -31 Khalil Edwards, Racial Justice and Alliance Building Organizer:
Khalil was born and raised in Portland, OR. A proud member of the LGBT community here in Portland, OR, he has volunteered and supported Basic Rights Oregon and other local organizations in their efforts toward LGBTQ equality and fighting injustice for many years. His passion for education and strong belief that knowledge is power led him to become a teacher. Upon receiving his Master’s Degree from Portland State University’s Graduate Teacher Education Program in 2004, he moved to Southern California where he taught Middle School and High School English for three years. In 2007, he made his way back to Portland. Since being back in Portland, he has been involved in health equity for all Oregonians and working to improve the lives of Black LGBTQ in our community. He is excited about all the things happening around social justice in Oregon and fortunate to be a part of it. In addition to joining the team at Basic Rights Oregon, he is also the Coordinator for the Black Chapter of PFLAG Portland. An avid Robert Jordan fan and karaoke enthusiast, on his down time from work and volunteer commitments you can usually find him with a book or mic in his hands. (Pronouns: He/Him)
BRO 06 04 14 -36
Lakia Davis, Racial Justice and Alliance Building Organizer:
Originally from Northern California, Lakia moved to Portland, OR in 2013. She completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology specializing in LGBT Affirmative Psychology and developed an itch for being a part of grass root structural change for the community. Creating a space in which individuals are allowed and encouraged to state their feelings and experiences without judgment or misrepresentation is something Lakia strives for. She has been an activist for queer rights since middle school. Lakia originally moved to Oregon to work on the Oregon United for Marriage campaign. Her work at Basic Rights Oregon to advance racial and social justice within the LGBT community over the long term will allow her to make the most of her experience on the campaign and the relationships she’s built in Oregon. Armed with personal experiences of how community outreach can create change, Lakia is excited to be a part of the Basic Rights’ team. She enjoys hiking, dancing, random adventures, making up words all while exploring the streets of Portland.  (Pronouns: She/Her) 
BRO 06 04 14 -44
Adrian Martinez, Racial Justice and Alliance Building Organizer:
Adrian is a twenty something gender queer Chican@ Los Angeles transplant living in Portland. They first joined the Basic Rights Oregon team in 2013 as a National Gay and Lesbian Task Force fellow working with Oregon United for Marriage campaign. Shortly after, they worked as the Trans Justice Summit Coordinator with Basic Rights’ Transgender Justice team. Adrian currently serves as a board director with Gender Justice Los Angeles, working to build the power of the transgender community. They have also built student power with the Oregon Student Foundation, fundraised as a campaign assistant with the Yes on F Campaign in Los Angeles, taught sex ed to queer youth of color with ImMEDIAte Justice, and co-founded ELL@S- a Los Angeles feminist art collective. Adrian enjoys bike rides, creating art, sweet treats, and conversations with their siblings. Adrian holds a B.A. in Religion and Gender Studies and is excited to work with the state’s leading LGBT advocacy organization. (Pronouns: They/Them)


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