Meet our incredible staff of dedicated professionals, working with volunteers across the state to ensure equal rights for all!

Cathy Abbruzzese
Cathy AbbruzzeseDonor Outreach Coordinator
Colin K. Crader II
Colin K. Crader IIDevelopment Coordinator
Khalil Edwards
Khalil EdwardsRacial Justice and Alliance-Building Manager
Celia Ferrer
Celia FerrerDevelopment Manager
Kathy Formella
Kathy FormellaStatewide Engagement Manager
Jeana Frazzini
Jeana FrazziniCo-Director
Mikki Gillette
Mikki GilletteDonor Outreach Coordinator
Diane Goodwin
Diane GoodwinCommunications Director
Nancy Haque
Nancy HaqueCo-Director
Amy Herzfeld
Amy HerzfeldMovement Building Director
Dominic Lopez
Dominic LopezVolunteer Coordinator
Cameron Mathews
Cameron MathewsFinance Director
A.J. Mendoza
A.J. MendozaRacial Justice Trainer and Organizer
Lori Rodriguez
Lori RodriguezCommunications Fellow
Aaron Smith
Aaron SmithOnline Engagement Manager
Andrea Zekis
Andrea ZekisPolicy Director