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Our Families is an education and advocacy team that raises the visibility, experiences, and public support of LGBTQ families of color within predominately straight communities of color, and within racial justice and LGBTQ movements. Our organizational ally work builds on the strong partnerships with organizations of color throughout the state. We work in coalition with many groups, including Causa Oregon, Western States Center, Indigenous Ways of Knowing, the Urban League of Portland, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, Center for Intercultural Organizing, Partnership for Safety and Justice, and more.

The 2016 Our Families cohort:
Mia Alvidrez
Aeryn Appleby
Dorian Campbell
Chris Colazo
Meysha Harville
Luke Kawasaki
Geeta Lewis
Sogene Mah
Thomas Milbourne
Jaycen Montgomery
Olivia Olivia
Phoenix Singer
Lavell Wood

The Trans Justice Working Group is a team of trans and genderqueer-identified volunteer leaders from across the state who work to implement key strategies. In 2009, the Trans Justice Working Group led a process to solicit community input, select a campaign, and design and implement key strategies. The three priority areas that rose to the top became our program’s areas of focus, which the working group now helps to achieve victories in. Those goals are increasing access to health care, increasing safety within prisons and jails, and continuing our work to end discrimination against trans Oregonians. 

The 2016 Trans Justice Working Group:

Carlee Espinoza
Gavin Everard
RE Buckley
Rhonda Janzten
Danni/y Rosen
Seven Blond
Francesca Mazur
Scotty Scott
Kai Blevins
Emily Newberry
Amanda Spencer