Apply to the Catalyst Transgender Leadership Program!

//Apply to the Catalyst Transgender Leadership Program!
Apply to the Catalyst Transgender Leadership Program!2021-04-13T23:20:14-07:00

Applications are open now until April 30!

Catalyst Application

Demographic information (age, gender identity, sexual orientation, race etc.) will never be made public, will never be used to negatively impact a participant, and will be removed from the application after the sole use of its consideration to create a fully diverse cohort has been completed.
  • If you're a volunteer, staff or board member for an organization, please list the organization(s) here.
  • We hope to create a cohort that reflects the full diversity of the TGNC community, including transgender men and women, nonbinary, agender folks, transmasculine, transfeminine perspectives and beyond. Please share with your identity/identities with as much detail and nuance as feels appropriate to help us build this cohort.
  • Next, we will ask a few questions about your situation. Your answers will have no impact on your eligibility for the program. We ask these questions to ensure we are prepared to meet the needs of participants.

    Access to transportation will have no impact on your eligibility for the program. We ask this question to ensure we are prepared to meet the needs of participants.
  • Written Questions

    Please write out answers to the following questions and submit them in Word or PDF format: Note that there is no minimum word requirement, just a maximum. For people with alternative needs, we will accept other forms of answers in this section, such as voice memos to questions that stay aligned with the word count. Voice memos can be emailed to

    Getting To Know You:
    • The primary goals of the Catalyst program are to build community and to develop leadership skills. Which of these two goals is most exciting to you, and why? Please resist the temptation to say that both are equally exciting! (maximum 250 words)
    • What would you say are the top three issues facing transgender and gender non-conforming people in your community, and why would you rank those issues as the most pressing? (maximum 250 words)
    • What is your understanding of the intersection between transgender and racial justice? (maximum 150 words)
    • What is the last thing you read or watched that you loved? Why? (maximum 150 words)
    Leadership Experience, Strengths, Challenges, and Goals:
    • Have you participated in any other leadership or professional development activities like this program in the past five years? Please list name and year. (maximum 150 words)
    • Have you applied to the Catalyst Leadership Program in the past? (Yes or No answer is fine)
    • Please describe any additional education, training and/or professional development you have received. (maximum 150 words)
    • As you reflect on who you are as a leader now, please list three strengths, three challenges, and one goal you have as a leader. (maximum 150 words)
      • Leadership Strengths (Please state three): Examples of strengths include: I am skilled at motivating people to do their best; or I stay calm while during a crisis or difficult situation. (150 words maximum)
      • Leadership Challenges (Please state three): Examples of challenges include: I take too long to make critical decisions; or I find myself emotionally overreacting when someone poses questions about my judgment or actions. (150 words maximum)
      • Personal Leadership Goal: Examples of personal leadership goals include: I want to learn how to delegate responsibility for important projects; or I want to increase my confidence and effectiveness in my interactions with my work colleague and supervisor.  Goals do not need to be related to the challenges you listed above. (150 words maximum)
    Participation In & Contribution to the Catalyst Community:
    • Why are you interested in participating in the program?  Please be specific about how both you and the cohort might benefit from the program. (150 words maximum)
    • What does community mean to you? How do you build relationships with people in a community? (150 words maximum)
    • In Catalyst, you will engage in a diverse peer learning environment. Please describe an experience in which words or actions you intended to have a positive impact resulted in a negative impact on an individual or group. Include how you navigated that experience. (150 words maximum)     .
    • Catalyst is an intensive program that includes monthly virtual half day-long meetings and one or two in-person retreats (pending COVID), some assignments, and readings in between sessions, end-of-program projects, and possible travel. Share with us how you will approach your full participation in the cohort. (150 words maximum for each).
      • Please describe any challenges or barriers to participation that you anticipate.
      • How will you manage the time commitment?
  • Please upload your documents here in Word doc or PDF format. You can also attach a voice memo in lieu of a Word doc or PDF. You may also upload a resume and any letters of recommendation that you may want to include for your consideration. In case of an error, you can also send to
    Drop files here or
  • Participants will have the most valuable experience when committed to full participation and active engagement with all the program’s trainings, activities and events. These commitments include: participation in all convenings, meetings, trainings and webinars (barring unforeseen and immovable conflicts); responding to text, phone, and/or email communications in a timely manner; participation in brief phone check-ins and evaluations with BRO staff; providing feedback to BRO regarding the cohort.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.