ATTENTION for an Exciting Announcement: Energy for Equality – Help Us Double Our Money!

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We’re very grateful to the all sponsors who fund our cause, both in standard donations and in more creative ways. Here’s an example of another way that sponsors are helping us out. This may be a win-win for everyone involved. Neil Kelly has long been committed to marriage equality since Measure 9 in 1994 and was a sponsor of our annual Business Leaders Luncheon this spring.

Help Basic Rights, Your Home, and Your Wallet — Without Spending a Dime

As the largest home energy contractor in the Northwest and a trade ally of Clean Energy Works Oregon and Energy Trust of Oregon, Neil Kelly is offering to make a donation to Basic Rights of $50 for every sign-up for either a free home energy audit or a free solar evaluation.

But here’s the good part: if we reach 100 sign-ups, Neil Kelly will double the amount donated so that Basic Rights Oregon will receive not just $5,000, but $10,000 dollars!

Get Comfortable and Slash Your Energy Bills

Now is the time to think about getting rid of cold drafts in the winter with an energy upgrade. Or what about watching your meter spin backwards with affordable modern solar power? Incentives and no-money down financing for energy upgrades are still going strong, and for solar, the incentives have never been better!

The first step is a free evaluation. No pressure, just an assessment of where the leaks are in your home and the most effective way to spend your energy dollar. For solar, it’s an evaluation of your home’s siting and orientation.

All you need to do is choose!

Free Energy Audit: To learn more about your home’s energy efficiency, sign up with Clean Energy Works Oregon right here. The Basic Rights promotional code will automatically be entered.

Free Solar Assessment: To learn more about your home’s solar potential, visit the Neil Kelly site and enter the promotional code “BRO”.

Help us raise $10,000 to win marriage equality in Oregon!

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