Tuition Equity Passes!!

| March 10, 2013 | Comments (0)

Tuition Equity which grants in-state tuition to students who have attended school in Oregon for at least three years and graduated from an Oregon high school, regardless of immigration status passed in the Oregon State Legislature on Thursday, March 21st.

Thanks to everyone has been part of this incredible journey over the years, during this legislative session and those who witnessed Thursday’s Oregon Senate floor vote, bringing basic fairness to countless students!  The bill now goes to Governor Kitzhaber for his signature.

A core part of Basic Rights Oregon’s Racial Justice & Alliance Building program is taking action as an organizational ally to racial justice work.

BRO has prioritized and supported Tuition Equity over the years because it is a critical issue for immigrant communities and LGBT communities alike. LGBT and immigrant communities both know what it’s like to:

  • Live under laws that say we are less human
  • Be a scapegoat for society’s problems
  • Be afraid for the security of our families
  • Feel vulnerable and unsafe because of policies, institutions and attitudes that keep us on the margins

We also know that when youth are shunned by their families, or kicked out of their homes, bullied at school, and cut off from their systems of support, they often have nowhere to turn. Nationally, LGBT youth are three times more likely to drop out of school, find themselves homeless and to attempt and complete suicide. For young LGBT immigrants, the numbers jump even more drastically.  Tuition equity is an issue for basic fairness and the right thing to do for Oregon’s youth – ALL youth, no matter where they were born or who they may love

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