Yes on Measure 88 – Driver Card for Safe Roads campaign

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Basic Rights Oregon is committed to ensuring everyone in our community as well as our allies in communities of color have access to basic needs. Everyone needs a safe way to get to school, work and church, which is why we stand firmly with our community to support the Oregon Safe Roads Act slated to be on the November ballot. After working as a part of broad coalition on this in the 2013 legislative session, we are now launching a major grassroots effort to talk to our LGBT families about the importance of voting YES on Safe Roads to maintain this incredible victory. Join us in supporting M88 at:

Basic Rights Oregon is urging a YES vote on the Safe Roads measure. The measure will create a limited-purpose and limited-duration driver card for qualified applicants who live and work in Oregon and meet strict requirements.

Basic Rights Oregon is part of the broad coalition that supports the Safe Roads measure because…

  • This measure fixes an important problem:  Right now, too many Oregonians are unable to safely and legally drive to work, church and school because they can’t produce the documents they need to get a driver’s license. Seniors, veterans, and immigrant families and workers are among the thousands of Oregonians who need this option—and LGBT Oregonians are part of all of these groups.


  • Additionally, in supporting this measure we stand with our partners like CAUSA, who are fighting for fair policies that affect people who immigrate to Oregon AND who have stood with us on issues like marriage equality.


  • And third, policies have a particularly significant impact on members of the LGBT community who are also immigrants and people of color.


Allowing limited driver cards for Oregon residents who meet the requirements will make our roads and communities safer. It affects us all, and it’s the right thing to do.



Voting “Yes” allows the DMV to issue driver cards to any Oregon resident who meets the following requirements:

  • Passed the State’s written driver knowledge test
  • Passed the State’s behind-the-wheel driver test
  • Provided proof of residence in Oregon for more than one year
  • Provided proof of identity and date of birth

We also need your to help spread the word of this important issue. Basic Rights will be joining our allies and coalition partners to host a canvass on Saturday, August 16th from 10am -2pm. Join us as we register voters, hit up really fun community activities, and get the word out!

RSVP here

Contact for more information or with any questions.

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