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June 22, 2017 is Bites for Rights in Oregon, our annual celebration of all the restaurants, bars, coffee shops, bakeries and eateries that help to make life sweet and delectable for LGBTQ Oregonians through their support of equality. This page is your stop for over 100 #BFR businesses throughout the state of Oregon.

Are you a business owner who’d like to participate in Bites For Rights? Click here for more information.

Be sure to support these pro-equality businesses all year long!




Big Kahuna’s BBQ & Catering LLC*
7123 N Lombard Street

Fire On The Mountain
4225 N. Interstate Ave

Las Primas
3971 N Williams Ave., Ste. 103

Mississippi Studios
3939 N. Mississippi Ave.

Patton Maryland
5101 N Interstate Ave.

¿Por Qué No?
3524 N Mississippi Ave.

 Radar Restaurant
3951 N Mississippi Ave.

The Whole Bowl
3540 N Vancouver Ave.

The Florida Room
435 N Killingsworth St.



Alameda Brewing Co.
4765 NE Fremont St.

Back to Eden Bakery
2217 NE Alberta St.

Bernie’s Southern Bistro
2904 NE Alberta St.

Bridges Cafe & Catering
2716 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

Cadillac Cafe
1801 NE Broadway St.

Chameleon Restaurant & Bar
2000 NE 40th Ave.

Cupcake Jones
1405 NE Alberta St.

Fire On The Mountain
3443 NE 57th Ave.

Fire On The Mountain
1708 E Burnside St.

Heart Pizza
1094 NE 7th Ave.

3449 NE 24th Ave.

Meat for Cats and Dogs
2244 E Burnside St.

Pastini Pastaria*
1426 NE Broadway St.

Peter’s Bar & Grill
5701 NE Fremont

Salt & Straw
2035 NE Alberta St.

Taco Pedaler
2225 NE Broadway St.

The Station
2703 NE Alberta St.

The Whole Bowl
4615 NE Sandy Blvd.

Thrive Sauce & Bowls
4641 NE Fremont St.

Yakuza Lounge LLC
5411 NE 30th Ave.



Byways Cafe
1212 NW Glisan St

Cafe Nell
1987 NW Kearney St

Cupcake Jones*
307 NW 10th Ave.

Eleni’s Philoxenia
112 NW 9th Ave.

Fat Head’s Brewery*
131 NW 13th Ave.

Escape From New York Pizza
622 NW 23rd Ave.

120 NW Third Ave.

North 45
517 NW 21st Ave.

Pacific Pie
1688 NW 23rd St.

Salt & Straw
838 NW 23rd Ave.

Santé Bar
411 NW Park Ave.

2112 NW Kearney St.

Tea Chai Té
734 NW 23rd Ave.

The Fireside Portland Inc.
801 NW 23rd Ave.

121 NW Fifth Ave.

Vault Martini
226 NW 12th Ave.

The Whole Bowl
1100 NW Glisan St.



3 Doors Down Cafe
1429 SE 37th Ave.

Back to Eden Bakery
2880 SE Division St. (Tidbit cart)

Bare Bones Cafe & Bar
2908 SE Belmont St.

Circa 33
3348 SE Belmont

DeNicola’s Italian Restaurant*
3520 SE Powell Blvd.

Gigantic Brewing Co.
5224 SE 26th Ave.

Gold Dust Meridian
3267 SE Hawthorne Blvd

La Calaca Comelona
2304 SE Belmont

Marthas at Revolution Hall
1300 SE Stark St.

New Cascadia Traditional
1700 SE 6th Ave.

Pacific Pie
1520 SE 7th Ave.

Pastini Pastaria*
2027 SE Division St.

¿Por Qué No?
4635 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Produce Row Cafe
204 SE Oak St.

Pyro Pizza
1207 SE Hawthorne

Salt & Straw
3345 SE Division St.

Tea Chai Té
7983 SE 13th Ave.

The Egg Carton
5205 SE Foster Rd.

The Whole Bowl
4411 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Wild Abandon*
2411 SE Belmont St.



 Addy’s Sandwich Bar
911 SW Tenth Ave.

414 SW 13th Ave.

712 SW Salmon St.

Fat City Cafe
7820 SW Capitol Hwy

Heart Pizza
417 SW 13th Ave.

Heart Pizza
0672 SW Gaines St.

The Independent Sports Bar & Grill
225 SW Broadway St. #100

Masu Sushi
406 SW 13th Ave, #202

Mother’s Bistro & Bar
212 SW Stark St.

Paddy’s Bar & Grill
65 SW Yamhill St

Pastini Pastaria*
911 SW Taylor St.

Sacred Money Studios and Prosperity Pie Shoppe
7814 SW Capitol Highway

Salt & Straw—Wiz Bang Bar
Pine Street Market (126 SW 2nd Ave.)

The Whole Bowl
SW Ninth Ave. & Alder St.




Brothers’ Restaurant
95 North Main St.

Greenleaf Restaurant
49 North Main St.



12600 SW Crescent St., Ste 120

Pastini Pastaria*
3487 SE Cedar Hills Blvd.



Pastini Pastaria*
375 SW Powerhouse Dr. Ste 149

Strictly Organic Coffee Co.
6 SW Bond St.

Strictly Organic Coffee Co.
450 SW Powerhouse Dr #400

The Sparrow Bakery
50 SE Scott Street




Caves Bier & Kitchen
308 SW 3rd St.

1563 NW Monroe Ave.

Pastini Pastaria*
1580 NW 9th Ave. Ste. 101

Squirrel’s Tavern
100 SW 2nd St.



Cornbread Cafe
1290 W 7th Ave.

Morning Glory Cafe
450 Willamette St.

Navarro’s Latin Creole Kitchen
1452 W Broadway St.

Poppi’s Anatolia
992 Willamette St.

Sweet Life Patisserie
1609 E. 19th Ave.



Left Coast Siesta
288 Laneda Ave.




Chan’s Steakery*
10477 SE Main St.

Mike’s Drive-In
10695 SE 42nd Ave.

Wine: 30
10835 SE Main St.



Zach’s Bistro
614 W Olive St.





Cascade Baking Company
229 State St.



Pastini Pastaria*
7307 SW Bridgeport Rd. Ste. B-105


* Delivery available through UberEats