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Transgender People of Color Artists


Basic Rights Oregon’s Racial Justice and Alliance Building Program and Transgender Justice Program are soliciting submissions for our July 2014 performance showcase “Front and Center”, which highlights Transgender People of Color (TPOC) artists! 

“Front and Center” is intended to be a performance art show. We welcome submissions from artists across multiple performance disciplines (including performance art, spoken word, singing, dancing, etc.). Additionally, we seek to recruit artists from a broad range of identities, including but not limited to, gender, race, sexual orientation, class, ability, and age.  We also have $40 $50 stipends in order to compensate selected artists who are featured in the show (Due to a generous, unexpected donor, we are able to offer a larger stipend! Thank you!). 

Art is a powerful avenue for telling our stories, for empowering one another, and for moving communities to action. As we continue our work toward social justice, we hope to provide a platform for honest expression of our struggles, for us to share our visions for the future, and for us to celebrate each other’s passion and creativity.

Art Proposal Submissions will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis until the submission deadline of Wednesday May 14th. We will not accept any Art Proposal Submissions for consideration beyond this date.  Space cannot be guaranteed for all submissions.  Please review the list of deadlines and the full parameters for the show listed below.

Deadline for Art Proposal Submission: Wednesday May 21st at 11:59 pm
Featured Artists Selected and Notified:  Thursday, May 22nd

Front and Center:  Performance begins 7:00 pm Thurs July 31st (Performers call TBD)


Conditions of Entry In Order to Submit

  • Artist must self-identify as a trans*, genderqueer, and/or gender non-conforming person of color. 
  • Artist must reside in Oregon.
  • Submitted art must be related to the artist’s identities as a trans* person of color and/or to racial justice and/or to trans justice.  We use this guideline broadly and will look to your description (see Proposal Submission Requirements) to tell us how your piece connects to the theme.

Art Proposal Submission Requirements

Please review this list in its entirety before making your submission(s)!  If all of the following items are not included in the Art Proposal Submission, we will not review the proposal. 

NOTE: If submitting more than one art piece, please include a preview of the proposed piece, a brief written description, dimensions and/or audio visual needs for each individual piece.

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • A brief artist biography (no more than 3-5 sentences)  
  • An artist headshot/picture (of yourself)
  • A preview of the proposed art piece (Examples: audio file of your performance, the text of your spoken word piece, a youtube clip from a previous performance, etc.)
  • A brief written description of your piece and how it relates to TPOC identities and/or to racial justice and/or to trans justice (no more than one page.)
  • Audio/visual needs for your piece (as applicable.)
  • Display needs for your piece (as applicable.)

Selection Process for Featured Artists

Once we have received all Art Proposal Submissions, we will then begin the process of selecting the featured artists.  The Racial Justice and Alliance Building Program and the Transgender Justice staff will make the final decisions on selecting the art for the show.  We have space and stipends for approximately 2 – 3 TPOC artists to be featured in the art show.  We will select and notify the approximately 2 – 3 featured artists by the date listed above. 

Being selected as a featured artist includes receiving a $40 stipend (1 stipend per artist), being part of the on-stage event program, having your bio and/or work included in the brochure/flyer we create and an interview with local press outlets.  Here is the criteria we will use to select the featured artists: 

  • Meet all Conditions of Entry (please see above). 
  • Include all items on the Proposal Submission Requirements (please see above).
  • Content of the selected art must be representative of the values of racial justice/anti-oppression held by the program and the larger organization.
  • We strive to select artists who have been marginalized even within the TPOC community, including but not limited to TPOC youth artists, TPOC artists with disabilities, etc. 
  • Depending upon the content and length of the art piece, we may ask artists to shorten and/or edit their work in order for their work to be submitted and featured. 


  • Basic Rights Oregon will promote the art show on our Facebook page with over 28,000 fans as well as through our email newsletter which reaches over 50,000 individuals.
  • PQ Monthly will be writing up a story on this event and our performer lineup.  This interview will likely take place in mid-May and the story will likely be released in June.

Questions or Feedback?

  • If you have any questions or feedback about this process or this event, please contact Peter Dakota Molof ( / 503-222-6151 x147). 


Click here to submit your proposal

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