An amazing day for equality in the Pacific Northwest

| February 13, 2012 | Comments (0)

Maureen Walsh, a mom and Republican State Legislator from a rural community.

This is an amazing time for equality in the Pacific Northwest. Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire signed a marriage equality bill into law, and support is growing in Oregon.

Huge congratulations go out to the Washington State Legislature and Governor for embracing the freedom to marry, and to the many community members who made this victory possible by sharing stories of why marriage matters to committed gay and lesbian couples.

Each state has its own path to victory. Washington worked through the legislature. Californians are working through the courts. And here in Oregon we need to go through the ballot box to win the freedom to marry.

But across the country we all have one thing in common: we win equality when each of us stands up and does our part, educating friends and family, and changing hearts and minds.

Thousands of people and dozens of organizations helped win this victory in Washington. But one person stands out: Maureen Walsh, a mom and Republican State Legislator from a rural community.

Her emotional speech explaining her vote in favor of the freedom to marry exemplifies the kind of leadership we need as we build the campaign to win at the ballot box in Oregon.

By speaking the truth, by spreading the word – by acting as a self-appointed, everyday spokesperson just as Maureen did –we can speed up our path to marriage equality.

Help us get there faster.

Join Basic Rights Oregon today to build a Majority for Marriage by sharing the video of Maureen’s speech on facebook– and educating our friends and neighbors.

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