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| September 8, 2011 | Comments (2)

There is no doubt that the effort to win the freedom to marry is gaining momentum every day. And we are working tirelessly to make the most of this moment. We are so close. But close doesn’t cut it. If the election were held today, it is uncertain if we’d win.

In a few weeks, our fall television advertising campaign goes live across the state and hundreds of volunteers will join our grassroots campaign for love and commitment. This is serious crunch time for us. We need to change hearts and minds on this issue in the next sixty days, or there won’t be enough time to put forth a successful ballot measure.

We are hopeful, but we can’t get there alone. We need everyone who cares about marriage equality to get engaged now! We need to talk to over 20,000 Oregonians and share our stories in order to be successful. We have volunteer opportunities for everyone across the state so please click on your regional link below to sign up and get engaged!

Portland Metro Click Here

Eugene/Springfield Click Here

Not Portland Metro or Eugene? Click Here

Please contact for questions. See you soon!

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