Communities of Color Supporting the Freedom to Marry in Washington State

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The President of the United States has announced his support of the Freedom for all Americans to marry.  Many individuals, groups, and organizations have publicly stated their support of Marriage Equality before the President’s momentous announcement, many declared their support after.  Whether long supporters of the Freedom to Marry or more recent supporters the country for the first time has seen a shift in public opinion where the majority supports marriage for all.

Although the country has seen a major shift in less than 2 years the fight is far from over.  Right here, across the river, Washington is currently working hard to win the Freedom to Marry for Washingtonians in November.  As Washington prepares to go to the ballot in November communities are speaking up to publicly state their support for marriage equality.  Communities of color have shown an increase in support of same sex marriage across the country and are more likely to support same sex marriage than the general U.S. population.

 “There are so many Asian/Pacific Islanders who are also lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.  I don’t see these communities as separate; we’re all part of the larger community.” -Kip Tokuda, former Washington state legislator, children’s advocate and Japanese-American.

We have a system in our society that is supposed to as James Madison wrote “guard one part of the society against the injustice of the other part.”  Basically stating that the minority rights should not be subjected to the will of the majority, but what is true and right is not what is always real.  The Freedom to Marry that was recently passed in Washington is now in the hands of the majority who will decide by popular vote in November. 

The grassroots campaign in Washington is contending with Preserve Marriage Washington who has raised more money to defeat marriage, but Washington is ready to win in November.  Support continues to build in Washington across all communities.  An outpouring of support has come from straight communities and leaders of color in Washington that understand that their communities include LGBT families and that our families are stronger when we all are treated equally.

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