Colorado Division of Insurance Says Insurers Cannot Discriminate!

| March 25, 2013 | Comments (0)

After months of advocacy by One Colorado and Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, the Colorado Division of Insurance has released a bulletin prohibiting discrimination in health coverage based on sexual orientation or transgender status! 

For most transgender people in the US, being denied healthcare based on who you are is often the rule- not the exception. Ending discriminatory policies that deny people access to medically necessary care is the right thing to do, and aligns with the consensus among most major medical associations. 

The bulletin bars insurers from charging higher premiums because of an applicant’s sexual orientation or transgender status, using sexual orientation or transgender status as a pre-existing condition, 0r excluding care deemed medically necessary by an individual’s medical provider if that service would be provided to other individuals. 

Following similar clarifications in Oregon and in Washington, D.C., Colorado’s new standard for insurance companies affirms that decisions about health care should be made between doctors and their patients — not by insurance industry executives.

Click here for more information on this historic victory. 

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