Coming Forward

| September 23, 2011 | Comments (0)

When we hear news of high-profile trans people it is usually someone coming out publicly and beginning their transition. Publicly transitioning takes a huge amount of courage. What we don’t see nearly as often is someone coming out and publicly sharing their story years after their transition. This, too, takes immeasurable courage.

This past May, Janet Mock, a blogger and editor for, exhibited just that kind of courage. In a story in Marie Claire, she shared something with the world that she had previously shared with only a select few in her life: The fact that she is transgender. She shares the story of her childhood when she was certain of an identity that her father and the world at large told her was wrong. She tells how, with the help of friends and a supportive mother, she was able to begin hormone treatment in high school, and save up the money for surgery in her first year of college. After ten years of living her life without having to think about gender, she decided to tell her story because, in her own words, “the recent stories about kids who have killed themselves because of the secrets they were forced to keep has shifted something in me.“

It takes a lot of courage to tell your story, to speak out for the sake of others. If you have a story of health care discrimination solely because you are are transgender, you can help make life better for all transgender Oregonians.

Most health care insurance policies in Oregon currently exclude transition related health care even though that care has been proven to be an effective treatment and is medically necessary. Please share your story and help us put an end to trans health care discrimination so that we have more stories like Janet’s story.

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