Mayor Sam Adams Invites You to Attend the Trans Justice Healthcare Summit!

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Mayor Sam Adams and Portland City Council made history by adding trans-inclusive health care for the city of Portland’s employees. Mayor Adams is also excited about taking this victory statewide and wants to invite you to attend Basic Rights Oregon’s Trans Justice Healthcare Summit: No Excuses, No Exclusions.

Dear Supporter,

One of the highlights of my time as Mayor of Portland has been adding trans-inclusive health care for the city of Portland employees this past summer.  As I said at the time, trans Portlanders make this city a better place every day–it’s my honor to serve on the City Council, where we can bring an ounce of fairness in return.

 As mayor, it is important to me that we attract and retain the best and brightest employees to the city of Portland. Offering non-discriminatory health care benefits — as leading employers like Nike, Google, Microsoft and IBM do — is one important way to accomplish that goal. 

 It’s also a matter of fairness, and it’s the right thing to do.  Basic Rights Oregon is working to ensure that other cities, counties and employers—and ultimately the whole state of Oregon—provide access to medically necessary health care for everyone, and remove insurance exclusions against transgender and gender non-conforming individuals.

 That’s why I invite you to join Basic Rights Oregon in taking this victory with the City of Portland statewide at their upcoming Trans Justice Healthcare Summit on Saturday, October 29th at Q Center in Portland.  Here are all the details:

Trans Justice Healthcare Summit
No Excuses, No Exclusions!
Saturday, October 29th – 9am – 5pm
Q Center (4115 N. Mississippi Avenue in Portland)
Register today!

You can find a list of presenters and workshops here!

 The folks at Basic Rights Oregon are working hard to continue winning statewide by helping other cities and other businesses add trans-inclusive health care for their employees—but they can’t do it alone. Join them to hear about the plan and build the skills you’ll need to help win this ground-breaking campaign to make Oregon the first state to ban trans health care discrimination.

Join us at the Trans Justice Healthcare Summit, and be part of history in the making!


Mayor Sam Adams


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