New report on barriers for transgender immigrants

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Of the 267,000 undocumented LGBT people living in the U.S. today, an estimated   20,000 – 50,000 are transgender. This month, National Center for Transgender Equality released “Out Moment for Reform: Immigration and Transgender People,” a new report outlining the barriers transgender immigrants face while navigating the U.S. immigration system.

The report contains critical data but also testimony from transgender immigrants their loved ones.  It came on the heels of the House introduction of an immigration proposal and ahead of the “National Day of Dignity and Respect” (October 5th, 2013), a national day of action held in  over 40 different cities as part of a coalition effort to urge Congress to pass immigration reform with legalization that leads to citizenship in 2013.

The report contains a wealth of data but also testimony from transgender immigrants and their loved ones.  It gives voice to those most marginalized by immigration policies and acknowledges the huge impact immigration policies have on families in the United States.  As NCTE Executive Director, Mara Kiesling says, “Immigration reform is important to transgender people because many transgender people are undocumented, but that’s really only part of its significance. We need reform because people are hurting without it and in our country we stand together to stop that. All people, including undocumented immigrants, deserve dignity and respect and we’re proud to join national advocates in a unified call for immediate relief to every undocumented person struggling to make ends meet, care for their families, and contribute to our communities.”

The report focuses on 4 key challenges transgender immigrants face: Employment insecurity, income and housing insecurity, lack of health care access, and creating a pathway to citizenship. This valuable resource is a huge leap forward in not only the amount of statistical data available on the barriers transgender people who are undocumented face but also a detailed illustration of the policies we as a nation need to achieve true equity in our immigration system.

To learn more, please contact Vincent Paolo Villano at / (o) 202-903-0112, (c) 202-631-9640.

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