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From our beginning in 1996, Basic Rights Oregon has been 100% dependent on voluntary contributions. It’s through our donors’ generous, passionate support that we’ve been able to achieve the legislative and policy gains that make Oregon the second most LGBTQ friendly state in the nation. We’re pleased to recognize the 2017-2018 members of the Basic Rights Oregon Equality Circle. Your generosity makes it possible to advance our work for LGBTQ equality and we thank you for your investment.

Equality Circle Donors

Founders: $10,000+

Adam & Rachel Albright
Marcia Alvey
Terry Bean
Jim Hess & Robert Herald
Ronni Lacroute
Al Machemehl & John Harrell
Lon & Christine Staub

Sustainers: $5,000-$9,999

Christine Bourdette
Truman Collins
Eric Delehoy & Jedidiah Chavez
Harold & Merry Demarest
Barbara Dumesnil
Greg & Allison Fredette
Colin Jones

Valerie Moreno & Nicole Senesi
Don Powell
Holley Shepard
Brook Shelley, Basic Rights Oregon board co-chair
Chip Shields
Val Solorzano
Leslie Trim & Iraj Vojdani

Builders: $2,400-$4,999

Carol Adler
Gregory Blaschke
Charmian Creagle
Angi Dilkes
Ann & Mark Edlen
John Fallon
Eric & Rebecca Friedenwald-Fishman
Howard & Jane Glazer
Kamron Graham & Dana Brown
Diane Hames
Clare Hamill & Regina Ellis
Marian Hammond & Chris Buehler

Anne Hoot
Ben Hsu
Dennis Johnson & Steven Smith
Alice Kersting
Walter Lander & Kit Tong Ng
Carter & Jennifer MacNichol
Kevin McHargue & Chris Carter
Paul & Laura Milne
Michelle Prosser
Connie Seeley
Curtis Thompson & Joseph Mitchoff
Eric Winquist

Stewards: $1,000-$2,399

Dr. Paula Amato & Eve Golden
Bill Bagnall & Clayton Lloyd
Megan Bird
Reuben Chong
Reed Coleman & Scooter Sutterer
Julie Davis
Judith Dale & Jordan Duell
Steven Dotterrer & Kevin Kraus
Haley Fiege
Nadine Gartner & Benjamin Olds
Daniel & Wendy Gleason
Diane Goodwin & Moira Bowman
Meredith & Christine Hanolsy
James & Christine Hein
Beth Hutchins
Jon Isaacs
Erin Janssens
Rabbi Rachel Joseph
Mary Anne Joyce & Catha Loomis
Sara Killeen
George Koris & Pamela Love
Heidi Liedeker
Jack MacNichol
Brenda McComb

Christina Milano
Paul Myers & Shannon McNassar-Myers
Ada Nikolaidis
Beverly & Richard North
Benjamin Petersen
Michael & Nancy Phillips
Jennifer Piper & Cyndi Farrell
David Robertson & Charles Brimmer
Karin Selva & Bill Lanning
Sean Sexton & Luis Garcia-Campos
Eric Schuman
Brian Shipley
Carl Snook
Bob Speltz & Dwight Adkins
Christopher Staub
Marilyn Stewart-Frank
Hemangini Thakar & Daniel Dugi
Harvey & Beth Thoennes
Timothy Thunder
Catherine Travis & Leila Wrathall
Vanessa Usui & Kimberlee Stafford
Dominick Vetri
Brian Wilson
Caleb Yarian & Angela Yen

Join the Basic Rights Oregon Equality Circle

The Equality Circle provides a crucial investment in Basic Rights Oregon’s work. Its members help us pass laws, educate the community and train the LGBTQ leaders of tomorrow. Join the Equality Circle today by contributing at one of our four levels:

  • Founder – $10,000 annually
  • Sustainer – $5,000 annually
  • Builder – ($200/month) $2,400 annually
  • Steward – ($100/month) $1,200 annually

Program Benefits

By joining the Equality Circle, you receive the following benefits:

  • Recognition on our website and in our event materials
  • An annual member appreciation party
  • Half-Price tickets to OAD Luncheon and Ignite (Founder & Sustainer levels only)
  • An exclusive Basic Rights Oregon pin
  • A quarterly newsletter with updates about our work

Join Today

Together we can advance equality and fairness for all LGBTQ Oregonians. Join the Equality Circle to ensure Basic Rights Oregon’s mission succeeds today, tomorrow and into the future. To join, please contact Mikki Gillette, Major Gifts Officer, (503) 222-6151 x141 or mikki@basicrights.org.