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Our Power|Poder is a QTPOC leadership development cohort for queer and trans people of color. This is a year-long program with 4 weekend retreats where cohort members will be able to select and develop their own community leadership projects while acquiring the skills necessary to execute them successfully.

Our Power/Poder works with QTPOC leaders working at or playing a significant volunteer leadership role in Trans led, LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ organizations that are engaged in systemic social change — work that challenges existing power relationships to produce long-term, sustainable solutions to social and economic justice issues. Individuals and organizations whose work is primarily the provision of social services are not eligible unless they or their organizations are also engaged in wider policy change, organizing, or systemic change efforts.

Our Power|Poder focuses on advocacy and facilitation skills for QTPOC who are invested in community organizing, canvassing, policy changes, and education. Our Power|Poder seeks to create a space where QTPOC leaders are seen, supported and given the opportunity to practice new skills to support their community.

We believe that leadership development is dependent on trusting relationships, where each cohort member graduates with not only new skills and expertise, but also a community of fellow QTPOC leaders to support them and cheer them on moving forward.

Applications will open within the next few weeks. To be the first to know about it, email Tazha Williams, Lead Racial Justice Organizer at tazha@basicrights.org.