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Transgender people face alarming rates of poverty, violence and suicide due to lack of acceptance and societal discrimination. Basic Rights Oregon is advancing equality for transgender Oregonians to meet basic needs like housing, employment, health care and more. 

At Basic Rights Oregon, we work toward an Oregon that affirms the lives and experiences of transgender people, where everyone has the basic health care they need. The transgender justice program is centered on community-based leadership of the Trans Justice Working Group, a team of trans and genderqueer volunteer leaders from across the state who work with the staff to implement priorities in our work. The Working Group led a community input process to identify three priorities areas:

  • Increasing the safety and wellbeing of transgender Oregonians who are incarcerated.
  • Enforcing Oregon’s ban on discrimination.
  • Increasing access to comprehensive health care within public and private insurance systems.

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If you have a transgender family member or loved one and would like to join uscheck out our Fierce Families Network.


Trans Justice Fact Sheet