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Trans Justice Working Group : Basic Rights Oregon

Trans Justice Working Group

Group Pic 1The work of the Transgender Justice Program is carried out by the Trans Justice Working Group, a team of trans and genderqueer-identified volunteer leaders from across the state who work with the Trans Justice program staff to implement key strategies.

       Members of the Working Group provide critical feedback and organizational direction for Basic Rights Oregon. As community members and volunteer leaders, they also carry out important pieces of policy and education that is vital to our victories.

 Trans Justice Working Group History

        In 2009, the Trans Justice Working Group led a process to solicit community input, select a campaign, and design and implement key strategies.  The three priority areas that rose to the top became our program’s areas of focus, which the Working Group now helps to achieve victories in. Those goals are increasing access to health care, increasing safety within prisons and jails and continuing our work to end discrimination against trans Oregonians.

Trans Justice Working Group Leadership1.09.14.008

       Today the Trans Justice Working Group is at the center of the working to ensure that all transgender Oregonians experience equality. Their work to advise, collaborate with, and hold accountable the organization is a key component of the Transgender Justice Program. The Working Group is also a leadership development program. Because transgender people face rampant discrimination in nearly every area, the Working Group is involved in skill and analysis-building trainings ranging from advancing racial justice to how-tos like workshop facilitation. In addition to growing as leaders, Working Group members bring a wide array of skillsets and experiences that they use to support leadership in the wider trans community.


“I appreciate seeing the thought that is put into our planning and how we  focus on significant change that creates opportunities for partnerships in the community.”Trans Justice Working Group Member

“The broad work we do in racial justice and health care emphasizes needs of the trans community and calls attention to issues that might not be given adequate weight and priority. “ -Trans Justice Working Group Member