Basic Rights Oregon Strategic Plan

| September 29, 2011


Basic Rights Oregon’s Strategic Plan represents a bold new approach to ensure that all LGBT Oregonians experience full equality. Discrimination against LGBT people continues in Oregon – we are excluded from the freedom to marry, LGBT teens have the highest rates of suicide, our youth endure bullying at school, and transgender people endure disproportionate unemployment rates. Marriage discrimination has a daily impact on caring, committed couples, hurting Oregon families in very real ways.

Updated Mission Statement

Basic Rights Oregon will ensure that all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Oregonians experience equality by building a broad and inclusive politically powerful movement, shifting public opinion, and achieving policy victories.

Organizational Goals 2009 – 2013

  • Winning majority support for full marriage equality for all Oregonians
    Ultimately, marriage has a federal solution, but Basic Rights Oregon will play an important role in creating the national tipping point by achieving a statewide marriage victory. To win, we need to build majority support for marriage equality and run an inclusive campaign that addresses the needs of transgender families, LGBT families of color and young people.
  • Building a Broad and Inclusive Movement
    Cultivate the leadership of transgender people, Victories youth and LGBT people of color. And prioritize their interests while deeply engaging businesses, community leaders and straight allies in a statewide network to broaden support for equality.
  • Achieving significant policy change to improve the lives of transgender and gender non-conforming Oregonians
    Basic Rights Oregon supports policies that are inclusive of transgender Oregonians. We seek to understand and articulate the impact of all of our campaigns on trans people across the state. In addition, in the next five years, Basic Rights Oregon will coordinate ambitious policy campaigns to increase the safety and well being of transgender members of our community.
  • Increasing and enforcing protections for LGBT and allied youth across Oregon
    Basic Rights Oregon will build upon our work with LGBT and allied youth. We will lead a policy agenda that increases the safety and well being of LGBT and allied youth.
  • Enforce and Defend Our Victories
    Fully implement and enforce domestic partnerships and nondiscrimination laws while working with businesses and state agencies to educate about these laws. We are also committed to defending against any and all attacks on LGBT equality and working through the courts and the legislature to close any loopholes.

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