First State of the Safe Schools Act

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Is your school district doing an exemplary job working to improve school climate and keep students safe at school?

If so, then send the following information to nominate your district for recognition. Awards will be presented in October 2012 in conjunction with Oregon’s Safe Schools Week, Oct. 7-13, 2012.

Mail the following to OSSCC at PO Box 80604, Portland, OR 97280 postmarked by September 1, 2012:

  • A copy of the schools compliant safe schools policy
  • List of the schools in the district that have a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)
  • A copy of the student handbook or website link that includes information about the safe schools policy
  • Three letters of recommendation: one must be from a student 5-23, both parents and teachers can submit a letter in support of a student’s nomination.

Download the full report by clicking here!

From the first annual report:

In 2009, the Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coaltion (OSSCC) stood with a broader coalition of organizations lead by Basic Rights Oregon to pass the Safe Schools Act that strengthened protections for students, specifically students who either identify or are perceived to be gay or transgender. In 2012, this statute was further amended to address cyber-bullying and require anti-bullying training for school employees.

Three years after the passage of the 2009 Safe Schools Act, inquiries about legal protections for students are among the most common questions directed to OSSCC. Based on feedback from community members and the advice of peer organizations across the Country, OSSCC decided to make monitoring of the implementation of this bill a priority.

This report is the first in a series of annual reports created with leadership from OGALLA: The LGBT Bar Association of Oregon to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the laws designed to keep kids safe in Oregon’s schools. This effort constitutes an attainable and modest first step, considering questions about curriculum, training and peer education, which we have learned are critically important to achieving our mission. Nevertheless, we hope it will be a positive first step to help further our vision of schools where students are able to attend class and learn free of fear caused by bullying and harassment, regardless of whether they are gay or transgender.

Click here to read the entire First Annual Report.

Please contact OSSCC with questions at 503-954-4865 or

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