Our Families: Featuring Asian and Pacific Islander families

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Standing Together, BRO’s leadership program for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and straight allies of color, is proud to launch the Our Families campaign! Our Families, is a community-based education project that raises the visibility, experiences and public support of LGBT families of color within predominately straight communities of color.

To raise the visibility of LGBT families of color we created videos highlighting their personal trials and triumphs and sharing their experiences. We spoke with and interviewed families from Latino, African American, and Asian and Pacific Islander communities.  Our first video highlights the experience of LGBT people of color living within Asian and Pacific Islander communities. To view all of the videos, click here.


“I was bullied a little bit by classmates. It was really not always about being multiracial, but it was probably a combination of both; being multracial and gay. I was the only [multiracial gay male] I knew of in most of my classes,” says Sean, who identifies as a multiracial gay male.

“I think people were surprised that somebody who’s Phillipina could be gay..” says Remie who shares how challenging it is to come out as lesbian in Philippine culture.

We believe all our families have so much in common: we struggle to put healthy food on the table, get our kids a good education, and to overcome the discrimination that keeps our families down. This is also true for LGBT families of color who face incredible struggles to keep their loved ones and themselves safe.

“Family is important, and it’s a strong cultural value, and I think really, now that I can look back, I see that that value trumped all the other values about who I was supposed to be, and that my mom’s belief and love of family really is what, I think, eventually kind of dismantled whatever stereotypes or homophobia that she had,” says Remie.

Did you know that:

  • Over 44% of LGBT students of color report being harassed both on race and sexual orientation,
  • Black and Latino same-sex couples are twice more likely to be raising children than white same-sex couples, yet with far less money and resources than straight couples of color or white same-sex couples.

We believe our communities are strongest when all our families are honored and respected, so that we can thrive together.

It’s time to come out in support of all Our Families! Please join us!

If you would like to be part of Our Families, share your story, or learn more, contact us by clicking here!

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