Leadership Development and Training Program Manager

Jo Xavier Doyle is ecstatic to be working side by side with the amazing team at BRO. Jo is a dynamic, engaging, and passionate facilitator with two decades of experience in program management, curriculum development, and project management. Jo’s expertise includes direct services in teaching, coaching, and consulting through operating as a supervising manager/director, curriculum developer, and endorsed trainer with non-profit organizations across six states such as San Francisco Police Activities League, Coaching Corps, CalSac, The Reece School, Playworks and more.

Jo’s passion for LGBTQIA+, racial and social justice rights exploded after moving to Portland. Experiencing life as a proud non-binary, queer, person of color in the whitest city in America Jo came across some of the most racial and social inequities of their life. This sparked an investment in diversity, equity and inclusion work where Jo is now diving in full-time as a change-agent in LGBTQIA+, racial, gender and other social justice work.

When Jo’s not leading an awesome workshop, they love to snowboard, eat pizza at home in New York, and experience new cultures and new people in Jo’s travels around the world (pre-COVID). Having been to six of the seven continents! (Pronouns: They/Them/Their)


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