Todd has been a lot places in his life—the hills of West Virginia to Western Mass, California, and then DC—and he’s worn a lot of different hats—deep fry cook, box slinger, bookkeeper, condom hawker, operations guru, and more—but he’s loving his new home in Oregon like nowhere else.  Coming out in the mid-nineties in rural West Virginia, he knows firsthand the special challenges faced by LGBTQ folks outside large cities, and he’s been blessed to work with and in organizations that have given him a background in HIV prevention, youth development, nonprofit management, and community organizing.  He’s now honored to crunch the numbers at Basic Rights Oregon as the Finance & Operations Director.  When he is not doing that he’s likely plying his cat with treats, playing too many video games, or making up elaborate stories he writes down that no one else will ever read.  (Pronouns: he/him/his)