By David and Joan Weil

Fairness and equality have always been core values of ours. When we helped found the Havurah Shalom congregation in Portland 37 years ago, a guiding principal of ours was that “a family unit is a family unit,” whether couples were gay or straight.

We’ve supported Basic Rights Oregon since the very beginning, when they were fighting back hateful anti-LGBTQ ballot measures. This year, when so much of the progress we’ve worked for is under attack, we wanted to give more, so we donated appreciated stock.

The contribution was a win-win for us: by giving certain traded stock directly to the Basic Rights Education Fund, we were able to maximize both our contribution to LGBTQ equality and our tax benefits. That’s because we get to take a charitable deduction for the current value of the stock and don’t have to pay capital gains taxes on the appreciation.

We know from history that when one group is singled out and marginalized, it puts all people at risk. David grew up in Evansville, Indiana, at a time when Jewish people were excluded from country clubs and schools were segregated.  His father was a civic leader in the fight against racism and anti-Semitism there. Joan was the head of the American Jewish Committee, and worked with the Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment to oppose the Aryan Nation in the 1980s.

We won’t sit back today while transgender children and LGBTQ refugees are targeted by bigoted rhetoric and policies. We’re fortunate enough to have appreciated stock, and it’s a great way to give. That’s why we donated our appreciated stock to Basic Rights Oregon.


To learn more about contributing to the Basic Rights Education Fund and about Planned Giving, please contact Mikki Gillette at (503) 222-6151 x141 or

*Basic Rights Oregon cannot give legal or tax advice, nor can it guarantee the tax treatment of any donation. People considering charitable donation of stock should contact their tax advisor to determine if the contributions are deductible.