Oregon Trans Health Coalition (OTHC) has issued out a call for testimony from transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, and two-spirit people who have experience with or may need hair removal services. The information collected in this survey will be used to better advocate for expanded access to hair removal treatments for transgender people. All responses are anonymous and participants decide how their information is shared and if they can be contacted in the future for further testimony. 

There are three surveys for folks to fill out based on their relationship with hair removal. OTHC is looking for feedback from consumers, providers, and from individuals who wish to be hair removal professionals but are facing barriers becoming one.

The Oregon Transgender Health Coalition is a collaborative, non-hierarchical coalition of concerned transgender/nonbinary (TGNB) community members, providers, advocacy groups, allies, and health professionals working across systems throughout the state of Oregon who are committed to transforming the way transgender people access and experience health care.

OTCH centers community members’ voices in its decision-making and advocacy. The coalition focuses its work on training and education strategies, health plan advocacy, policy and legislation, and activism and community events to ensure a better quality of care for TGNB Oregonians.

We are committed to addressing multiple barriers to this care, and we need you, our community, to help. Please share these surveys with your community to help the OHTC gather information statewide.