By Dani Bernstein

Our opponents are trying to systematically dismantle the progress we have made during the last decade, and it’s frightening.

Just last week, Trump’s Justice Department issued sweeping guidance on how to discriminate against LGBTQ individuals and said it would no longer protect transgender Americans from workplace discrimination.

In Oregon, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson called us “immoral” on National Public Radio.

And what did Gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler say about Trump and Richardson? Nothing, absolutely nothing. 

We must ensure that Oregon remains a leader in LGBTQ equality.

And we need a Governor who we can trust and who will fight every day for our community.

That’s why the Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC is endorsing Governor Kate Brown for re-election in 2018. 

We are making our endorsement more than 13 months before Election Day, because Trump and his allies have made it crystal clear that we need champions in Salem now more than ever.

And we’re going to fight like hell to keep it that way.

We need a Governor who will continue fighting for transgender youth in schools, who will fight for LGBTQ Oregonians in small towns and rural communities and will challenge bigotry across the state. 

We need to re-elect Kate Brown as Governor.

Make no mistake, Oregon is critically important nationally. Very few governors are progressive and just six are women. And Kate is the only openly LGBTQ person to have ever been elected governor of any state.

Our country needs more leaders like Kate. And we need to show the country that leaders like Kate can win. 

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is a national leader on defending health care, on LGBTQ equality and racial justice, and on protecting reproductive rights and advancing smart climate change policy.

Help us re-elect Kate Brown as Governor by donating to her campaign below. 

Dani Bernstein is the chair of Basic Rights Oregon’s Equality PAC.

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