By Roey Thorpe

They’re not stopping with North Carolina. In states across the country, our opponents are trying to take away LGBTQ rights.

These anti-transgender bills are the latest round of backlash designed to halt our march toward LGBTQ equality. Trust me–the forces that oppose fairness will not rest, including right here in our state.

Last week, our opponents filed an appeal in Oregon’s Courts, seeking a religious exemption to the Oregon Equality Act that would allow bakers and other businesses to discriminate against LGBTQ Oregonians.

We can’t let that happen, which is why I continue to invest in Basic Rights Oregon.


Roey Thorpe continues to invest in Basic Rights Oregon recognizing the important role we play in LGBTQ equality nationally.

My monthly donation is part of a special 20th Anniversary Matching Fund. All contributions made this month will be doubled by long-time supporters like me who know our work is far from over. 

My monthly giving helps fund health care forums for transgender Oregonians, transgender-affirming workshops in small communities like Dallas, LGBTQ workplace trainings with Oregon employers, and organizing at the Capitol for fairer laws.

Yours can, too.  Can you donate $10 a month?

You might remember me as Basic Rights Oregon’s executive director in 2004 when we were fighting against Measure 36. We were heartbroken when Oregon voters banned our freedom to marry. Back then, we learned just how relentless our opposition really is. 

But we didn’t give up.  Fueled by our sadness and outrage, we built serious political power.  Today, as states across the country are fighting anti-LGBTQ laws, Oregon remains a beacon of hope.

But we must continue to support LGBTQ rights here at home by investing in Basic Rights Oregon. Double your contribution with our special 20th Anniversary Matching Fund

I’m so proud of what Basic Rights has accomplished, and I hope you’ll join me in defending our victories and celebrate Basic Rights’s 20 years on the forefront of LGBTQ equality.

May 19 is Give Out Day – the time when people across the country contribute to the cause of LGBTQ rights and advocacy. It’s doubly special for Oregonians, because May 19 also marks the two-year anniversary of the day LGBTQ couples won the freedom to marry here. Please help us continue the important fight for equality for transgender people, LGBTQ people of color, those living in small towns and rural areas, and LGBTQ youth in our state. Donate now to support Basic Rights Oregon on Give Out Day.

Roey served as the Executive Director of Basic Rights Oregon from 2001 to 2006. She is currently the Director of Advocacy Programs at Equality Federation.