As the LGBTQ community, we know what it is like to be the target of hate groups. We’ve endured far too many attempts by extremist groups in Oregon trying to tear our families apart, fracture our movements and exclude us. We know first-hand how dangerous organizations like Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR) are. We refuse to standby and allow discrimination and hate in any form. 


OFIR recently qualified Measure 105 for the November ballot. Measure 105 would throw out Oregon’s anti-racial profiling law. This law states that police cannot stop, detain or interrogate you simply because of how you look and what your perceived immigration status is. The anti-racial profiling law has been on the books for more than 30 years. There’s no reason to get rid of it.

That’s why Basic Rights Oregon has endorsed the No on 105 campaign, which we consider a top priority, and we’re working hard to educate Oregonians about why they need to vote no. Here are some ways you can help us:

Our community has a voice. It is not about how much you give, but how many of us show up. We are louder and more powerful when we join together.