In a recent 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court of the United States granted a request from the Trump Administration to let them begin banning transgender service members while the case proceeds through the courts.

An estimated 15,000 transgender Americans currently serve in our military and are putting their lives on the line.

This unjust ruling means that transgender service members will cruelly face discharges and transgender recruits will be denied enlistment opportunities while these cases proceed and until the Court has another opportunity to consider the case on the merits. Lifting the injunctions – even temporarily – is a slap in the face of the brave service members currently serving our country and those who want to serve.

“All Americans should be allowed to serve openly and with integrity, and should be judged for their qualifications, nothing more, nothing less,” said Shannon Scott, a transgender Air Force veteran. 

“We expect integrity and to uphold the law but discharging talented service members simply because of their gender identity is discrimination, plain and simple,” said Haque. “And our military and government should never be used to discriminate.”

We won’t allow the progress made in recent years to be undone.