With the recent reports of multiple attacks on LGBTQ people in Portland, we condemn these attacks and are in full support of our LGBTQ community. With many reporting that the attacks may have been conducted by members of the alt-right, fascist Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys groups, it is particularly disconcerting in light of evidence that shows a protective relationship between Portland Police and members of the Patriot Prayer organization. As a result, we understand there may be discomfort regarding calling or speaking to the police in response to these situations, so we call on allies in the community to step up and support their LGBTQ friends, family members, and neighbors.

Here are tangible things that allies can do to support us:

Communicate: Call, text or meet up with your friends and community members. Find out how they’re doing. Listen to them. Offer them a ride or to accompany them on appointments or errands.

Only call the police if a victim explicitly asks you to: Many people may feel uncomfortable reaching out to the police. In all cases, please consider the safety of the victim above all else. Unless a victim is in need of emergency medical services, do not call the police unless you are explicitly asked to do so by the victim. If you witness or experience an incident, you can report it here: www.reporthatepdx.com

Speak out: Attacks on LGBTQ folks are one major manifestation of hatred, but these attacks do not occur in a vacuum. If you hear microaggressions or more problematic, hateful language at work, home, or elsewhere, it’s your duty to speak up and speak out. Educate others. Don’t rely on LGBTQ folks to do the labor.