Queer Town Hall: Community & Wellness

What do you do when you need to de-stress? For some bloggers and Instagram influencers, they claim it’s as simple as drinking a smoothie and taking a candlelight bath. But we know that for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color as well as the LGBTQ community, our wellbeing is often left out of so many conversations about wellness that are often only focused on white, straight, cis, skinny people.

For us, our wellness often comes from our community. That’s why we’re devoting the Queer Town Hall on Tuesday, January 12 at noon on YouTube Live (https://youtu.be/f0ai_yzxR9M) to de-stressing in ways that are by us, for us and truly inclusive.

Our panelists include:

-Adriana Javier, Fat positive personal trainer for embodiment and release

-Melissa Ballard, Life and Wellness Coach, Inspired Boldness

-And more!

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About the Queer Town Hall
In an effort to develop community and stay connected and informed during these trying times, Basic Rights Oregon has set up Queer Town Halls. Streaming live on YouTube, we’ll be speaking with a wide variety of experts on issues that matter most to you, including healthcare, housing, employment, discrimination, and more. It’s your chance to ask your questions and have your voice heard, so join in!