We did it!

Just last week, thanks to the tireless advocacy of supporters like you, Governor Kate Brown signed Adi’s Act into law, providing a model suicide prevention policy for all Oregon school districts in support of the most marginalized students. This means so much for students throughout Oregon.

The immense gratitude of our staff, volunteers, and supporters goes out to Lon and Christine Staub. Your courage, your conviction, and your love for your daughter Adi is a guiding force for good and we are so grateful to be with you on this journey.

And to Governor Kate Brown—thank you for always lifting up LGBTQ Oregonians and paving the way for equality at a state level that is truly unprecedented. 

And thank you to all of our chief sponsors: Senator Wagner, Senator Roblan, Representative Smith Warner, Representative Doherty, Representative Nosse, Representative Power, and Representative Williamson.

It was incredible to see the swell of bipartisan support for Adi’s Act, knowing that the legislators care so strongly about LGBTQ youth and will continue to advocate for them as they grow up.

During the past four years, we’ve passed groundbreaking legislation, from banning the horrific practice of conversion therapy for Oregon’s youth to passing the first standalone, statewide transgender justice bill in the country.

And when Lon and Christine first shared Adi’s story, we knew that the next generation couldn’t wait. We needed to act to ensure every kid would feel supported at school.

That they would feel loved, appreciated, and affirmed at school.

I want this for my child, and that’s why I worked towards this for every child.

Thank you to everyone who called, emailed, testified, and lobbied in support Adi’s Act. You made this happen, and I’m so proud to have you on our side for the next fight.

-Nancy Haque, Executive Director