My daughter, Ella, is transgender. And I’m so proud to be part of Basic Rights Oregon because I know that they will fight for her future and for the future of kids like her. 

Now Basic Rights Oregon needs our support. Help continue the fight for LGBTQ youth and donate to the May Giving Campaign! 

From the very beginning, Basic Rights has been a huge resource for me and my family. They’ve provided valuable information at events like their trans healthcare forums and have amplified our voices by helping us meet with legislators and affect positive change in Oregon’s policies.

With the recent passing of Adi’s Act, a much-needed suicide prevention policy model for our schools, Basic Rights Oregon is reducing the heightened risk for LGBTQ students which gives me hope that my transgender daughter, Ella, has a bright future.

When you donate $75 or more or sign up to give $10 per month, you’ll get a Protect Trans Kids tote bag so you can show support for kids like Ella wherever you go

And Ella knows the importance of protecting trans youth. “Basic Rights Oregon has done so much for me and the LGBTQ community. They make sure that I can be myself and be treated fairly at school.

“They worked really hard with Governor Kate Brown to make it easier for trans people to change their name and gender on their birth certificate. I won’t be old enough to drive for a few years, but thanks to BRO, when I do get my driver’s license my gender marker will be right! Basic Rights Oregon helps other trans kids like me be safe and happy in Oregon! I’m really lucky and thankful.”

Keep protecting transgender youth like Ella by donating today!

Basic Rights Oregon has been on the frontlines fighting for LGBTQ rights, giving our family a sense of belonging in our state amidst the negative transphobic actions of our current Federal administration.

Most of all, Basic Rights Oregon keeps our heads held high and gives us a reason to celebrate all the beauty in our LGBTQ community!

Join us in continuing to uplift and protect trans youth throughout Oregon by supporting Basic Rights Oregon.

-Joy and Ella

Joy Wilson and Ella, Members of the Fierce Families Network