We’re Not Done

Working together, we have transformed Oregon. It wasn’t too long ago that our state was ground zero for anti-gay ballot measures. We turned the tide on hate. We won comprehensive non-discrimination legislation, passed a safe schools bill, expanded access to health care for transgender Oregonians and won the freedom to marry. We’ve made Oregon one of the best places to live and work in the country.

And we’re not done.

We have a new Strategic Direction that centers the voices of LGBTQ people of color, transgender and gender non-conforming Oregonians, LGBTQ youth and LGBTQ people living in small and rural communities.

And we’ve updated our look thanks to the amazing work of Roundhouse Agency.

We can make sure all LGBTQ Oregonians—regardless of age, identity or geography—experience equality.

Our work will be grounded in these four key areas:

  • We will defend our victories. It’s clear our opposition wants to carve out religious exemptions to discriminate against LGBTQ Oregonians whether it’s on our wedding day, at work or in the courtroom. We are fighting for a day when our opposition can no longer advance hateful and regressive policies anywhere in Oregon.
  • We will continue to elect Pro-Equality Candidates: During the last election, 48 of the 52 Equality PAC endorsed candidates won their races and, as a result, the legislature passed a number of key bills this session, including banning conversion therapy for youth. LGBTQ and allied voices are vital to creating an Oregon where all of us experience equality.
  • We will continue to move progressive policy: Basic Rights Oregon plays a key role in moving a broad progressive policy agenda that lifts up LGBTQ Oregonians who have been on the margins of our movement. Policies like our victory this year to reduce barriers to the Oregon Health Plan for transgender Oregonians. One day there will be comprehensive health care access for all transgender Oregonians in our state.
  • We will develop LGBTQ leadership in our state. Our racial and transgender justice programs are training the next generation of LGBTQ leadership for high-level appointed and elected positions across the state so they can affect policy throughout Oregon.

This work happens because of your investment in Basic Rights Oregon. You can count on us to be here until every LGBTQ Oregonian in every community, every county and every corner experiences justice and equality.