Oregon has made tremendous progress in creating safe and affirming workplaces for lesbian, gay and bisexual employees. However, more than 90 percent of transgender and gender-diverse people report experiencing harassment or discrimination at work. The Fair Workplace Project works to improve the experience of transgender people in the workplace.

Basic Rights Oregon offers employers fee-for-service trainings on how to create an inclusive workplace. The program is designed to build a shared discourse around transgender identities, using narrative to detangle concepts such as sex and gender. From there, attendees will receive training on their specific roles as allies to their transgender co-workers and clients, including conversations around pronouns, facilities, and transitioning.

Our training program is flexible, and modifications to our content are often made based on the profile of your organization and the specific audience being trained. We are able to provide our training to most any audience. Contact trainings@basicrights.org  for more information.

Meet Our Trainers

Our trainers bring several decades of combined experience to the table, having worked with numerous companies, non-profits, and grassroots organizations. Everyone has a strong background in and knowledge of facilitation, outreach, and work with diverse communities, and an ability to build an accessible, shared conversation around inclusive workplaces.

Jo Doyle (they/them), Leadership Development and Training Program Manager
Seth Johnstone (he/him), Transgender Justice Lead Trainer & Organizer
Madeleine Oiseau (she/her), BRO-Endorsed Trainer

Menu of Services

All of our trainings are three hours long, and are currently all being conducted online-only. To prevent Zoom fatigue, we’re happy to break these trainings into two 90-minute sessions. 

We can customize our trainings for a wide range of clientele, including but not limited to the following:

  • Patient Services in Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Service
  • Education/Youth Serving Organizations
  • City, State & Government Agencies
  • Community-Based Organizations
  • Private Sector Workplaces

Below are summaries of the trainings we offer. For a detailed description of all services offered, please email trainings@basicrights.org. If you’re interested in having a BRO training at your workplace, please fill out this inquiry form.

Transgender Inclusion and Affirmation in the Workplace 

Our flagship training, Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace will start attendees on their journey to being affirming coworkers to transgender people. This program is equipped to highlight inclusion practices based on the needs of our client, such as for transgender co-workers, students, clients, and more. 

LGBTQ2SIA+ Inclusion and Affirmation in the Workplace 

This training offers a comprehensive introduction on including and affirming all LGBTQ2SIA+ people in the workplace. 

Speaking Engagements

In addition to our employee trainings, BRO also offers a paid hour-long “lunch and learn,” or speaking engagement, which covers the history of LGBTQ2SIA+ rights in Oregon.  Starting with the anti-sodomy laws of the 1800s and ending with the trans and racial justice work of today, this presentation covers the triumphs, tragedies, and complications of trans and queer history in Oregon, and BRO’s role in it all. 

Our goal with this presentation is to give attendees a firm foundation in understanding the long, ongoing fight for LGBTQ2SIA+ liberation in Oregon, and inspire folks to get involved in the work that continues today. 

We may also provide more specialized speaking engagements on a case-by-case basis. Contact our Fair Workplace training team for more information: trainings@basicrights.org.

If you’re interested in having a BRO training or speaking engagement at your organization, please fill out this inquiry form.