At Basic Rights Oregon, we work to ensure all LGBTQ Oregonians live and work free from discrimination.

However, if you’re experiencing discrimination in your workplace, housing, accessing healthcare, or elsewhere because you’re LGBTQ, we may be able to help.

We do provide:

  • Resource referral/ handoff to other organizations
  • Consultation regarding solutions, options, and next steps when you are experiencing barriers to access
  • Navigating documentation issues and questions (though you may find your answer on our helpful Know Your Rights page).

We don’t generally provide:

  • Walk-in services
  • Legal Services
  • Individual Advocacy (unless it is part of a larger institutional issue)

These organizations and resources may be of use if you are experiencing the following issues:

If your issue wasn’t addressed by the above organizations or resources, please reach out to us at

When we receive your information, we will follow up with you.