At Basic Rights Oregon, we’re mourning the loss of Marcia Alvey, who passed away from medical complications following a surgery on November 13. We met Marcia four years ago, when she was embarking on the transition that allowed her to live those last years as her true self. From that moment on, Marcia was part of the BRO family: supporting our events through her legal practice, participating in Catalyst, our transgender leadership development program, and sharing her story in a video, to help our followers better understand the trans experience.

Our hearts are with Marcia’s sister Libby, her brother Roger, her two sons, and her mom. We’re honored and touched that Marcia’s family has asked that gifts in her memory be made to Basic Rights Oregon.

We’ve created a link for such gifts here.

Marcia was a special person, whose joy, curiosity and humility touched everyone she met. The spark she felt upon transitioning, and beginning to live the life she’d always wanted, was infectious. We asked the people who were in Marcia’s Catalyst cohort to share their memories of her. Here are some of their responses:

“Marcia had the ability to open in genuine connection, and I was honored to have the gift of her presence and warmth in my life. She was so full of grace. I won’t ever forget what it felt like to have the warmth of her smile turn towards me and warm my tender, sometimes brittle, queer heart. She made me feel more resilient and she was part of a community that made me feel less alone. Thank you, Marcia, and I love you.”

“Marcia filled every room she entered with her light, here joy, and her enthusiasm about finally living her truth. She freely gave her generous energy and her formidable professional expertise to our community. Marcia was the best “fast friend” when we met at a BRO cohort retreat. She became a trusted sister in short order as well. I’m so happy she got to live authentically before it became too late. I’m honored to hold my memories of her, however brief they are, close to my heart. You will always be loved & remembered by your chosen family.”

“I’m not really sure what’s right, saying something about losing a person I knew as a pal, or losing one of precious few trans elders that we had in this community. I was really looking forward to arguing with Marcia about Biden the way we used to argue about Hillary. I really just hope that she knows how much of a pleasure it was to have the ear of someone who knew so much.”

“Don’t allow another sunset to fall without letting the people you care about know how much they mean to you. I dearly love you all. A chosen sister died two days ago. She was someone I’d intended to visit after the madness of this year ended. Regret over what I left unsaid to any of you is not a memory I want to carry if I can help it. You are amazing, Marcia. Thank you for everything.”

Though our hearts are broken at Marcia’s passing, we feel fortunate to have shared the years and memories with her that we did. And we find solace in continuing the pursuits of trans justice and racial justice Marcia was so passionate about. We miss you, Marcia.

Gifts in Marcia’s memory can be made here.